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Questions and information relating to the distributed.net client software that participants run on their machines.
Installation, Configuration and Mass deployment answers:
(Answer) Is there a basic tutorial on how to setup the client?
(Answer) How do I run the client?
(Answer) How do I remove a client from my system?
(Answer) How can I make the Windows client startup in the tray?
(Category) Automatically starting the client at boot time
(Answer) What command line switches/options does the client support?
(Answer) Can I configure multiple clients/machines with one d.net ID (email address)?
(Answer) How can I get the client to use all of the CPUs in an SMP system?
(Answer) How can I automatically deploy/upgrade clients in a LAN environment?
(Answer) How do I specify separate configurations for clients running from a shared network drive?
(Answer) What are the requirements of the Windows MSI client installer?
(Answer) What are the special features of the Windows MSI client installer?
(Answer) What can I insert for the param <prj>?

General client-keyserver communications answers:
(Answer) Is there a basic tutorial on client<->keyserver communications?
(Answer) What if I am behind a firewall?
(Answer) How do I make the client start/stop/fetch/flush/etc at specific times of the day/week?
(Answer) Why do I keep getting network errors, or problems resolving hosts?
(Answer) I have a computer without a network connection. How do I "Sneakernet"?
(Answer) Can I get and send work units through email?
(Answer) Can I share the buffer files across a network?
(Answer) I set my client to receive a certain blocksize, but I sometimes notice smaller blocksizes being retrieved.

Dial-up networking specific answers in this category:
(Answer) The client tries to trigger auto-dial, but fails because my dialup needs a password
(Answer) I use a modem. How can I get the client to download enough packets?
(Answer) The client triggers auto-dial too much, or does not disconnect.
(Answer) How can I fetch enough work for when I am offline?

Answers to common starter questions:
(Answer) I'm confused about keys, stats units, nodes, stubs, packets, blocks, work units,...
(Answer) The client uses 100% cpu time on my computer!
(Answer) My client is switching between projects instead of working only on my first choice
(Answer) How do I make the client spend X% time on OGR and X% time on RC5?

Partial blocks, work resumption and the crunch-o-meter:
(Answer) What if I have to reboot (or the machine crashes)? Won't a block be lost?
(Answer) The client is reporting the wrong time!
(Answer) I see this R in the middle of my percentage bar - what does it mean?
(Answer) But it just did two blocks with 'R'! How is that possible?
(Answer) What does "Read partial block from another cpu/os/build. Marking entire block as unchecked." mean, and how can I fix it?

Crunch rate and performance:
(Answer) Which processor does the client run the fastest on?
(Answer) Crunchrate appears to go DOWN when I'm not at my computer!
(Answer) Disable multimedia keyboard buttons to increase Client speed
(Answer) Packets take too long to complete on my computer. They should be smaller!
(Answer) Do you have any tips for achieving the best client speed?
(Answer) Win32 GUI: Benchmarks run from a menu consume too much CPU time
(Answer) Is overclocking good to do?
(Answer) My client is much slower since I upgraded my OS (or motherboard/cpu)!
(Answer) Hyperthreading gives me two processors, but why isn't client isn't twice as fast?
(Answer) Why does a 64bit client perform better/worse than a 32bit client?

Porting the client, and common port/feature requests.
(Answer) What platforms are supported
(Answer) I want to port the client to my platform. Can I get the source?
(Answer) Wouldn't a PVM, MOSIX, MPI, or Beowulf class distributed computer be faster?
(Answer) What about a core for the GPUs in video accelerator cards?
(Answer) Why not have auto-downloading, auto-updating, or plug-in based clients?

Other answers in this category:
(Answer) Can you tell me a little more about what data is actually saved within packets?
(Answer) I can't choose "Configure" or "Benchmark" in my windows client! What is going on?
(Answer) What's the story with the hidden clients?
(Answer) When will there be a new beta client released?
(Answer) The client software shows my GPU as unrecognized. Help!

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