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Some systems that other people have successfully used include:
  • Novell ZenWorks
  • Microsoft SMS
  • Standard NetWare/WindowsNT login scripts
  • Windows 2000 Microsoft Installer packages (*.MSI)
If anyone has experience or advice with deploying the distributed.net client in these manners or any other way, your comments in this section would be welcome.
I put the following in my NT login scripts to install dnetc as a service (located in the root of the windows directory) on both 95 and NT workstations. If your users do not have rights to install an NT service on their machines, then you'll need to use a utility like RemoteCows (available on the dnet site) to deploy dnetc on NT workstations.
The following works for NetWare startup scripts as well.
REM dnetc install
SET INSTALLDIR="%windir%\dnetc"
COPY \\server\sharename\dnetc.exe %INSTALLDIR%
COPY \\server\sharename\dnetc.ini %INSTALLDIR%
%INSTALLDIR%\dnetc.exe -quiet -install
%INSTALLDIR%\dnetc.exe -svcstart [1]
[1] newer clients support -svcstart (for both 9x and NT) to start a client previously installed as a service. Older clients require:

IF "%OS%" = "Windows_NT" GOTO NTSTART
rem win9x can't start services from the command line
rem so start it hidden
%INSTALLDIR%\dnetc.exe -hide
net start dnetc

As a warning for users of windows9x/ME who might be attempting to upgrade clients with "dnetc.exe -quiet -shutdown", copying a new client in place, and then restarting it...:

You will likely want to use "start /wait dnetc.exe -quiet -shutdown" since 9x/ME will typically not wait for GUI processes to run and finish before moving onto the next line in your batch file.

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