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Normally the client is able to shut down cleanly, the block is saved and will be resumed at the point it left off when you restart it later.

However, in the event that your computer crashes or you lose power and the client is not able to properly save its place. Blocks that have not been returned to the keyservers will eventually be redistributed. In order to accommodate slower clients and to minimize duplication of work there is a long period after which a keyblock is assigned, minimally 90 days. If we reach the end of the keyspace without finding the winning key, we will start back at the beginning and assign the unreturned blocks.

One other way to make sure your computer doesn't lose it's work even when your computer crashes and you have to reboot is to use a checkpoint file. [In the client configuration under "Buffer and Buffer Update Options" >> "Checkpoint Filename"].

This checkpoint file will keep track of your work and update itself every few minutes. If your computer does crash (or you have to do a sudden reboot) the client can pick up almost right where it left off and not lose or discard a data packet.

In some short term projects, such as DES, blocks may be reissued in less than 90 days. In these situations it best to keep your buffers small to avoid duplicated effort. When such projects are underway please check back the .plans frequently to monitor the status.
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