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To simplify these directions, assume that "Laptop" refers to the non-networked machine. On the networked machine:
  1. Ensure buffers are full (fetch)
  2. Stop the networked client.
  3. MOVE the buff-in.* (look where you installed the client) to floppy.
On the laptop:
  1. Download the client and install it on the laptop.
  2. Set a "Checkpoint file" on the laptop (for example, use ckpoint.cp)
  3. Sneakernet the floppy to the laptop. (Physically move the disk between machines).
  4. For each buff-in.* file on floppy...
    1. Stop the Laptop client.
    2. Run the Laptop client with the "-import" option and specify the filename of the buff-in.* from your floppy. This will merge the in-blocks from the floppy into your Laptop's existing buff-in, preserving the blocks it already contains.
    3. MOVE the matching buff-out.* from laptop to floppy.
  5. Start the Laptop client.
  6. Sneakernet the floppy to the networked machine.
  7. flush buffers.
  8. For each buff-out.* file on the floppy, run the network client with the "- import" option and specify the filename of the buff-out.* from the floppy.
  9. flush buffers again.

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