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"When I try to choose "Benchmark" or "Configure" by right-clicking in the client window, they are both grayed-out. What is going on?"

What you are seeing is the client trying to make a connection to the internet to request more work, or return completed work. There are a few things that you can do.

  • You can let the client finish the network activity (watch the client screen) and then proceed with benchmarking or configuring
  • You can close the client and re-start it, or use the "Quick Commands" that are in the distributed.net programs folder.
  • You can open a console window (aka "DOS" window on Win9x), and go to the same directory as the client. Type "dnetc -config" or "dnetc -benchmark" at the prompt.

You can also type "dnetc -help" to get a list of all the commands.

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