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This is intentional behavior.

The client's configuration includes a "load-work precedence" setting that allows you to select the load order (and optionally disable specific ones). However, this setting does not prevent the client from working on other available projects if it does not have any more "ready work" for any of your earlier priority projects.

Notice that the normal behavior of the client is to not automatically attempt to fetch more blocks (for any project) until blocks for all enabled-open projects have been depleted. Because of this, if you do not like the fact that your client is not working "solely" on the first project that is enabled and open, you can do any of the following:

  • Disable all of the non-desirable projects (by going into the "Load-work precedence" and setting the other projects to "=0"). Note that if the projects left enabled are ever "closed" or "ended" by the server, your client will shutdown, since it has nothing to do. You will have to remember to manually re-enable another available project when that occurs to allow your client to resume working. For example: "rc5-72,ogr-p2=0"
  • Make sure that your client never runs out of blocks for your preferred project. This can be done by any of the following:
    • Enable "fetch/flush all buffers if any in-buffer is empty" (mode 4) under "Additional Buffer-level Checking" so that your client will perform an update when the last block of the current project is loaded, instead of when the last block for all projects is loaded. This option is the preferred method of all of the following items listed below, since it does not cause your client to connect excessively to the server.
    • Enable "fetch/flush all buffers if any in-buffer is not full" (mode 1) under "Additional Buffer-Level checking" so that your client will always keep its buffers "topped off". This will cause a network connection after every block that is completed/loaded.
    • Manually trigger network updates before you run out of preferred project blocks. This of course requires your to manually perform this action.
    • If you have a dialup connection enable one of the "Dialup-link detection" modes (formerly called "lurk" and "lurk only") and go online more frequently than the time required to exhaust all of your preferred project blocks. This will cause a network connection after every block that is completed/loaded while your modem is connected. These modes are available under the "Dialup-Link detection" menu.

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