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If you are uninstalling an unauthorized installation of dnetc, please e-mail help@distributed.net so we can fully enforce our policies on unauthorized installation, and so we can provide you with the most current information.
  • Ensure that it is not running by starting the client with the '-shutdown' switch. eg 'dnetc -shutdown'. Under Unix, you may wish to kill(1) all instances of 'dnetc'.
  • Windows: If it is installed as a service, uninstall it by running the client with the '-uninstall' switch. If you're not sure do it anyway.
  • Unix: The client may have been 'installed' to start automatically (see (Xref) Unix) and may require some steps to 'uninstall' it. Refer to the above mentioned URL for more information.
  • If the client was installed in its own directory then simply delete that directory and all its contents.
  • If the client is not in its own directory, you will have to find and delete the following files manually. They will probably all be in the same directory. There may also be log files in this directory.
    dnetc.*, buff-in.*, buff-out.*, rc5des.*, rc5desg.*
  • Windows: If there is a dnetc.scr in the windows or windows/system directory delete that too.
  • Unix: Maybe check the user's crontab if he scheduled the program to run at certain times.

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