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By default the client looks for an .ini file (where client configuration information is stored) with the same name (and directory) as the client [1]. You can make the client use a different .ini file with the '-ini ' switch.

Thus, one solution then would be to create several copies of the client, each with a different name; one for each of the required configurations.

Another solution would be to have all machines sharing one copy of the client, where they would all end up sharing the same .ini file.

[1]On OSs where the client's directory cannot be determined when the client is in the search path, the client will use the current directory.

Alternatively, you could create local batch files/scripts/shortcuts/etc. (depending on OS) that execute a common client w/ different -ini options on the command line, either pointing to a local .ini file or to a bunch of different .ini files w/ different filenames on the network drive. Even more elegantly, if the path to the local .ini file is the same across all machines running from the shared volume, you could have one batch file/script/shortcut on the shared volume that points to a local .ini file w/ a custom configuration.
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