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We maintain a number of public pages that contain graphs, rates, statistics, and other analyses of combined work being done by the collective cooperation of all participants. This section discusses some of the most common questions regarding this information.
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(Category) Technical info about statsbox
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Answers in this category:
(Answer) Where can I find information of distributed.net's progress?
(Answer) Are there any charts or graphs?
(Answer) Can you please explain the statistics?
(Answer) How often do stats update? When does that happen?
(Answer) What is UTC? Is that like GMT or something?
(Answer) How come stats don't update more often?
(Answer) How come I haven't received my password?
(Answer) I'm losing my old email! Will all my stats be lost?
(Answer) Do random blocks show up in stats?
(Answer) I think it would be really neat if stats showed X. Why doesn't it?
(Answer) I lost my stats password and lost access to my old email account.
(Answer) Why can't I retire more than 10 email addresses into one?
(Answer) I'm missing work units!
(Answer) I mistyped the email address in my client and it has shown up in the stats. Is there any way for me to get credit for those work units?
(Answer) Stats are messed up! Some guy just jumped up 1,000 places in the ranking but only did a few blocks yesterday!
(Answer) It's been over 24-hours, where are my stats?
(Answer) Why do statistics not update some times?
(Answer) Why is arbitrary HTML no longer allowed in team or participant mottos?
(Answer) The size of text on my stats page is too big/small

A tutorial on statistics is also available to guide you through our stats system.

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