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There are many reasons why work units could be 'disappearing'. One reason is latency. Our network is designed for maximum uptime and redundancy. This also means that it does not operate real-time... it takes some time between when you submit a work unit to a fullproxy and when it actually gets to the master. The stats are based on when a block is received by the keymaster, not when it was completed by the client. So if you flush at 2300UTC, those blocks might not make it into that night's statsrun. This means that you can not look at any single day and determine that you are missing blocks... they might show up tommorow, or even later. In extreme cases, we've even seen work units get delayed by 2 weeks.

If you are submitting work to a personal proxy (any proxy not officially run by distributed.net) then we can not guarantee that that work will make it to our network. This is because we can not control personal proxies. The person running a personal proxy can easily delete any work that has been submitted to the personal proxy without actually submitting the work to our network. Or their computer could crash. Or their dog could eat the blocks. You get the picture. }:8)

There are also client versions that are specifically ignored by the network. Currently, any client older than v2.8015 is ignored. You can read more about this here and here.

Many people have been confused about OGR stats. OGR is an ongoing projects, but it is divided into many small projects. The results for these seperate projects are reported seperately by stats, so please make sure and check any available OGR stats before reporting missing work.

If you still feel the need to contact us about missing work units, please follow these guidlines:

  • It is very important to have logfiles so that we can see exactly what the client or pproxy is doing.
  • There should be a history of missing blocks. Please do not contact us because your stats were low for a single day.
  • Please check the .plans periodically. We do occasionally experience problems that will cause everyone's stats to report as low for a day.

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