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A comprehensive set of statistics for the distributed.net projects can be found on the stats server. There you can find the overall team summary as well as stats on teams and individuals, for each supported projects. The stats pages are updated once per day at 00:00 UTC. There are several bits of information displayed on the project, team and individual stats summary pages.

Current Ranking -- team and individual summaries
This shows how the given team or individual is ranked compared to other teams or individuals taking part in the project.

Total blocks to search -- all summaries
The RC5-64 keyspace is comprised of approximately 18 million million million keys. Bovine has organized these into keyblocks. Each keyblock contains 268,435,456 (2^28) keys. There are 68,719,476,736 (2^36) keyblocks covering the entire keyspace. Keyblocks are the fundamental unit of progress in the Bovine stats system. The network of proxy keyservers doles out groups of keyblocks to the clients to be tested. One of these blocks contains the encryption key we are looking for!

Total blocks checked -- all summaries
The number of keyblocks that have been tested and returned to Bovine so far.

Keyspace Exhausted -- all summaries
The portion of the total keyspace covered by the checked keyblocks expressed as a percentage.

Total keys checked -- all summaries
The total number of keys that have been tested. It is equal to the number of total keyblocks tested multiplied by 2^28.

Time Working -- all summaries
The amount of time, expressed in days, that the project, team or individual has been working on the effort.

Overall Rate -- all summaries
The average keyrate that the project, team or individual has sustained since they began working on the contest.

Keyblocks and keyrate for yesterday -- all summaries
This area shows the total number of keyblocks checked in the last 24 hour period (from 0:00 to 0:00 UTC) and the keyrate corresponding to this number of blocks.

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