(Answer) (Category) distributed.net Faq-O-Matic : (Category) Statistics, Graphs, and other Statsbox things : (Answer) Stats are messed up! Some guy just jumped up 1,000 places in the ranking but only did a few blocks yesterday!
What you are seeing is the results of a retired account. The participant has retired another email account into the account you see listed, combining the statistics of both email addresses. This obviously affects their overall ranking, as their current email address suddenly gains the benefit of the blocks checked under their old, retired email resulting in an impressive jump in the overall rankings.

However, since the blocks in question weren't done yesterday, but rather are the result of their previous work under another email address, they have no impact on "yesterday" stats or the reported block count from the previous day.

See also: (Xref) How come a team just went up several places in the overall ranking, but did less work yesterday than other teams?

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