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Whenever a participant joins a team, any work they have submitted that wasn't previously assigned to a team will be assigned to the team that they just joined. So if team X has done 10,000 work units and a participant joins them that has 50,000 work units that aren't already assigned to a team, as soon as that team join takes effect, team X will have 60,000 work units total.

The confusing part is that team X's summary page won't show 50,000 blocks being done yesterday. They will move up a large amount in the overall ranking, even though they did very few (or even 0) work units yesterday.

This is intentional. Those 50,000 work units might have been assigned to the team yesterday, but they weren't actually submitted yesterday... they were submitted over many days or even months.

See also: (Xref) Stats are messed up! Some guy just jumped up 1,000 places in the ranking but only did a few blocks yesterday!

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