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(Answer) I can't figure out how to join a team!
(Answer) I created a team, but it never showed up like it was supposed to! Obviously, I can't join the team
(Answer) I administer a team, how do I let my team members see who is on my team? Can I keep them from seeing who else is on my team?
(Answer) How do I un-affiliate myself from my former team?
(Answer) I administer a team, and I would like to donate my team's blocks to another team. Can this be completed?
(Answer) I am a member of a team, how do I check who else is on my team?
(Answer) I have already checked and uploaded a couple hundred blocks. I'm not on a team. I'm wondering: will these will be credited to the team I sign up for, or have they become the domain of distributed.net?
(Answer) You should add a link to everyone's summary page that shows what team they are on
(Answer) Can you tell me more about teams?
(Answer) How come a team just went up several places in the overall ranking, but did less work yesterday than other teams?
(Answer) I created a team a few days ago, but stats says it's 100 days old!

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