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This is a commonly-requested feature, but it's our view that a person's team membership is private and to display that on stats would be a violation of participants' privacy.

Imagine a controversial team, like a pro-life team or a drug-legalization team. It's concievable that a person might wish to support that team by being a member yet wouldn't want to advertise their support or make it known that they are on that team.

Or, imagine being a participant in the top 10 who is not on any team at all. That person would (due to the suspicious lack of a team affiliation line on their summary) likely be deluged in requests to join people's teams. "dood! you rool! join team luser!" We'd prefer to allow people to participate individually in peace and privacy.

To offset this, please feel free to mention your team affiliation in your participant motto, which shows up on your summary page. The motto allows html, so you can even embed a link if you wish. We feel that this compromise is the best of both situations.

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