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No, the stats server has a feature for this situation. What you can do is "retire" your old address into your new address. This will completely and permanently remove your old email address from the stats server and attribute all of its activity to your new email address. This way you can gracefully migrate from one email address to another without losing all your blocks.

To do this, you need a couple things:

  • You need to know the password for the email you wish to retire
  • You need to configure your clients to use your new email address
  • Your new email address must appear in the stats database

Once all those things are in place, you simply visit the configuration page for the old email, and click the retire link. The script will walk you through the procedure of selecting your new email address and performing the retire.

Please read this other answer for information about this: (Xref) Why can't I retire more than 10 email addresses into one?
In addition, any new work that is submitted to your old address after you retire it will be credited to your new address. No work will be "lost" by retiring your accounts.
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