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distributed.net maintains a public database of the benchmark speeds of its clients on various CPU models and speeds at http://www.distributed.net/speed/

This database is useful primarily for comparing the relative performance between different processor models. It can also be very useful for determining if your system is running the client as fast as other users are, and can help identify the existence of potential hardware configuration problems.

Keep in mind that the Client Speeds Database pages are completely unrelated to the Participant and Teams Stats database that shows your cumulative amount of work completed. The Client Speeds Database is meant purely to show the representative speed that a single client on a single processor type/speed can expect for a single benchmarked block.

General speed benchmarking:
(Answer) My computer's speed is significantly slower/faster than the other entries already reported for my system!
(Answer) What about benchmarks of multiprocessor machines?

Errors in the speed database:
(Answer) I've found a speed in the database that is obviously incorrect.
(Answer) What are the StdDev and StdErr% columns?
(Answer) What is the "Record id" column?

New entry submissions:
(Answer) What is the best way to determine benchmarked speeds for entry to the database?
(Answer) My CPU, Operating System, or client Version is not one of the available options.
(Answer) When I submit a new entry into the Speeds Database, what is the email used for?

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