(Answer) (Category) distributed.net Faq-O-Matic : (Category) Statistics, Graphs, and other Statsbox things : (Category) Client speeds database pages. : (Answer) My computer's speed is significantly slower/faster than the other entries already reported for my system!
This can occur because of any of the following reasons (and possibly others):
  • another process is consuming significant amounts of system resources
  • GPU processes may compete with CPU processes and produce lower results for both
  • the MHz of your processor is actually different from what you think it is. It may also be running in a lower power/speed state.
  • the client is selecting (or has been configured to use) a core that is not the optimal core for your processor.
  • the client may be faster than previous versions due to core code improvements or new cores.
  • your PC's memory cache is disabled (try looking in the BIOS).
  • there is another hardware fault, such as bad RAM, a faulty timing clock, or something else that is causing the system to generally perform poorly. Usually you will notice related symptoms in other use of the machine too.

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