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Keep in mind for the following discussion that the blue column that is labelled as "Speed" is actually the mean (average) of all reported speeds for that CPU MHz combination.

StdDev represents the "standard deviation" of all reported speeds for that CPU MHz. The standard deviation is a statistical figure that can be used to determine the typical range in which all of the reported speeds lie within. Typically when there is a high amount of correlation between all of the reported values, then a high majority of the values will lie within reported the mean spead +/- the standard deviation amount. Values that lie outside of that range have a greater possibility of being anomalous.

StdErr% is simply a different representation of the standard deviation. It is simply the result of the following (stddev / mean * 100). StdErr% is useful for comparing the relative amount of deviation between each of the values within the summary listing pages. Typically, if the StdErr% exceeds 15% or 20%, then there is a high amount of deviation within that group of values, and one or more of the values is anaomalous to a large degree.

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