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The speed pages also provide the ability to enter the benchmarks of multiprocessor machines. However, keep in mind that the keyrate of any individual processor within a multi-processor machine will generally be comparable to that of identical MHz single-processor machine. As such, the overall speed for a multiprocessor machine is generally merely the speed of one processor multiplied by the number of processors within that machine.

The primary purpose of the separate multi-processor speed listing is to provide a single page that summarizes the types and speeds of the available multi-processor machines on the market against each other. Also many casual users simply aren't familiar with the availability/limits of specific processor counts for different architectures, and these multi-processor speed pages gives those users a convenient place to find that information.

Please keep in mind that the benchmark speed reported by the client is always for one processor! When submitting the speed for a multi-processor machine, you will need to manually multiply the single-processor before entering the speed within the submission form.

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