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The recommended way that you generate a benchmark is by running the client benchmark operation 3 times, and taking an average of the three. Also, it is best to run the test on a completely unloaded system with no other significant processes running to get a measure of the true performance of the processor.

If your processor, operating system, or client version is not one of the available options, then go back to the main speed index page and use the bugzilla link at the bottom of http://www.distributed.net/speed/ to report the value that you need.

Please make an effort not to submit bogus or invalid values. If you know that your speed value is suspiciously higher or lower than any of the other values reported by others for similar hardware, then recheck your values. Similarly, if you know your system is grinding to a halt and about to crash and the speed reported by the client is totally non-sense, then don't report that value! Additionally, don't report excessively high/low values for favorite/hated operating system. The purpose of this database is provide a useful comparison for other users, not to promote platform advocacy or advertise bizarre values. By not submitting these bad values, you will save us the effort of having to remove it later.

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