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A common comment towards distributed.net is that a new user can not find his or her stats after running the client for 24-hours (or more).

The key to this "24-hour" value is that the client has actually returned completed work to the distributed.net servers. If this is done, prior to 0:00 UTC, then you will receive credit for your work and should see your stats the "next day."

To return completed work to the distributed.net use the "dnetc -update" command or right-click on the cow-icon and choose "update." This command will force the client to "flush" (or return) work to the distributed.net servers. Note that you must be connected to the internet in order to accomplish this task.

The client, by default, can be configured a variety of ways to return completed work as the user desires. This can be done with changing the "Buffer Threshold" and/or the "Client Connectivity". Refer to these other topics for additional help: (Xref) How do I make the client start/stop/fetch/flush/etc at specific times of the day/week? (Xref) I use a modem. How can I get the client to download enough packets? (Xref) How can I fetch enough work for when I am offline?

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