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General project answers in this category:
(Answer) What are Optimal Golomb Rulers?
(Answer) What would solving OGR actually be good for?
(Answer) If Golomb Rulers up to 150 marks are already known, why are we doing this?
(Answer) Is there a prize for winning OGR?
(Answer) What is the total number of stubs/nodes in each OGR contest?
(Answer) What is the most optimal ruler found by d.net so far?
(Answer) Tell me about the total project percentage complete and Phase 1 and Phase 2 for OGR-24/25?
(Answer) How long will an OGR contest take and what is the Projected Completion Date?

Client and proxy answers in this category:
(Answer) What minimum client and proxy versions are needed for OGR?
(Answer) the personal proxy's completed count jumps by irregular amounts for completed stubs.
(Answer) Why is OGR disabled on my machine?
(Answer) Why can't I get any OGR blocks sometimes?
(Answer) How does the client search for OGRs?
(Answer) Why are some stubs marked with an asterisk (*)? Why are they called combined? Why are they bigger than others?

Speed answers in this category:
(Answer) Why do some stubs go faster than others? My stub OGR stub takes too long! My OGR stub has stopped progressing at 1 or 2%!
(Answer) Why did I receive a very large/small OGR-25 stub?
(Answer) Why is progress of OGR-28 stubspaces 1 and 2 so slow?

Other popular answers from other categories:

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(Xref) I'm confused about keys, stats units, nodes, stubs, packets, blocks, work units,...
(Xref) Packets take too long to complete on my computer. They should be smaller!

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