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Typically the network of proxy servers keeps large amounts of OGR stubs on hand for distribution and there should be no issues obtaining OGR work. However, during the wind up near the end of a project, you might notice the availability of stubs decreasing. This is a result of the diminishing number of stubs available for distribution and the processing time on the keymaster required to distribute them.

During this time there is no need to worry or stock pile stubs. In fact, stock piling only leads to delays returning stubs that are required to complete the project. Consider setting up the client allowing it to work on other projects while it waits for more work to be available, if it is not already.

You may have heard about the keymaster recycling. This is the back end processing required to traverse all available stubs that are currently being distributed to determine which have been totally completed through 2 acceptable passes and which still need to be completed. This process can take several hours. In addition, as the number of available stubs to distribute becomes small, the time required to traverse the stub tree files takes longer. To the point where it takes quite some time to make a stub available and the keyamster isn't able to keep up with the demand.

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