(Answer) (Category) distributed.net Faq-O-Matic : (Category) Project: OGR (Optimal Golomb Rulers) : (Answer) the personal proxy's completed count jumps by irregular amounts for completed stubs.
The following is example output for sequentially submited OGR stubs to a personal proxy:

[2000-02-14 23:56:33] ogr r=16/16, d=3/3, 63.3 Mnodes/sec, tot=19
[2000-02-14 23:57:37] ogr r=16/16, d=4/3, 75.1 Mnodes/sec, tot=22
[2000-02-14 23:58:35] ogr r=16/16, d=5/3, 91.2 Mnodes/sec, tot=26

the totalNotify count for OGR represents the upper 32-bit word of the total number OGR nodes completed.

For each of the (artificial) OGR stubs in question, there were 13.52 Gnodes (13.52*10^9). The upper 32-bit word of that is (13.52*10^9)/2^32=3.178, which is the origin of the factor that causes your "tot=" count to increment by 3.

The proxy actually keeps track of the full 64-bit word of the total number of nodes completed, but the "tot=" printed only reflects the upper 32-bit word of it.

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