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During the initial transition from OGR-24 to OGR-25, there was a small number of varying sized stubs that were distributed to clients for testing purposes so that we could get some public feedback about their completion times. For OGR-25, we've settled on distributing so-called "6-stubs" (that is, a stub fragment where the first 6 marks are specified by our servers). Such stubs will be displayed by the client as "25/1-2-3-4-5-6". It can be observed that "25/" stubs that have more than 6 marks will take considerably shorter duration to complete, stubs with fewer marks will take considerably longer duration.

Although we generally tried to intersperse these experimental OGR-25 stubs into the outgoing OGR-24 distribution to minimize giving too many to any single person, we've learned this might not have necessarily been the case.

In any case, since our intended benchmarking use of these experimental stubs is finished, if you see that your client is working on a "25/" stub that does not have exactly 6 values after the slash then you can feel free to discard your entire buff-in.ogr containing these experimental OGR-25 stubs, if you are too impatient and want to process normally sized stubs. (Proper-sized stubs that you accidentally discard along with those will be eventually recycled and reverifed more than once eventually, so it is not a serious concern in this case, though you should avoid intentionally discarding valid blocks whenever possible.)

Even though statistics credit can only be given for OGR-25 stubs with 6 marks, the processing resulting from the larger and smaller sized test stubs still represent valid search ranges within the stub space, and have comparable contribution towards the project's overall search as the equivalent number of proper-sized stubs. The results from those larger/smaller stubs will also be beneficial in providing second-pass verification against clients completing the corresponding group of stubs.

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