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The statistics for an OGR contest include progress status for each Stubspace and the number of completed stubs. A rough calculation based on these numbers is used to gauge the approximate project completion percentage and projected time to completion of the contest.

Rough and approximate are key words. Since the actual processing is done on nodes and that "node rate" is fairly consistent, we could get a better estimate of the time to completion based on the number of nodes that needed processing. Unfortunately the number of nodes in the project or even in an individual stub is not known without processing it. Thus our rough approximation of using the number of stubs completed to track the project status instead of the number of nodes.

The number of nodes completed per day may be fairly consistent, but the number of stubs completed can vary somewhat dramatically, given the known variation in stub size. There are deliberate choices made that result in a significant variation in node counts for stubs among the stubspaces and also within each space, especially at the edges. Thus at any given time the estimation may be over generous or onerous.


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