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With a Personal Proxy, you can serve distributed.net clients. It allows you to establish one of your own machines as a buffer between your clients and one of the keyservers that are officially run by the distributed.net organizers. This will allow your clients to waste less time trying to connect to one of the main proxies, since the personal proxy will already have more key blocks waiting for your clients when they're ready.

Answers related to networking of the proxy:
(Answer) My proxy's connection is frequently disconnected from the Internet and is always too busy trying to make outgoing server connection to handle connections from my clients. Why is it ignoring my clients?
(Answer) How does offline mode work?
(Answer) Why does my perproxy fail to connect?
(Answer) I want my proxy to automatically make upstream server connections at only certain times of the day.
(Answer) What about offline or sneaknet proxies?
(Answer) Lurk/Lurkonly support for Linux in proxyper?
(Answer) My firewall prevents the proxy from doing DNS lookups.

Answers related to capacity and capacity planning:
(Answer) How many clients can a personal proxy handle concurrently?
(Answer) How many blocks should the proxy hold?
(Answer) My proxy only downloads 1000 stats units, but I need more.
(Answer) My clients connect to my personal proxy but never fetch anything.

Answers related to logging and log statistics generators:
(Answer) How does the personal proxy report email address, IP address, platform, OS, and client version information to the master keyserver?
(Answer) I don't understand the timestampflags options and what combinations are available.
(Answer) Can I get statistics from a public keyserver like I can for personal proxies?

Other answers in this category:
(Answer) My newly installed perproxy won't serve blocks to my clients. What gives?
(Answer) Can my clients share my personal proxies buffer files?
(Answer) How can I run the proxy hidden or in the tray on Win9x?
(Answer) Why is there no personal proxy for my operating system platform?
(Answer) Automatically starting the proxyper at boot time (Linux)

If you have any other questions or difficulties using this proxy, you may send us a message

You might also try sending your message to proxyper@lists.distributed.net, which is a mailing list, and you must join it before sending a message to it. For information on subscribing to the proxyper mailing list, visit our discussion page.

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