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Be sure that your proxy has at least some "ready" blocks available for clients. When a client connects to your proxy and sees that it does not have any "ready" blocks available, the client (by design) will disconnect from the proxy even if the client has "done" blocks that it could upload to the proxy.

You should check your proxy to see why it is unable to fetch more "ready" blocks. It is usually because of a network configuration error that is preventing it from connecting to the keyservers.

Also, be aware that in version 2.8005.453 of the client, the buffer thresholds that you configure for the client are now measured in actual number of work units (instead of packets, which could each contain a varying number of work units). Previously the client buffer thresholds were always specified in terms of packets.

Because of this, it may appear that the client is not ever fetching enough packets to satisfy the amount you have configured in the client configuration, but in actuality it has fetched the number of work units you've specified.

(Note that the personal proxy buffer thresholds have always been measured in terms of work units, not packets).

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