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If your firewall prevents your proxy from doing DNS lookups on it own by any other means, then you may need to explicitly specify the IP address of one of our primary keyservers in your proxyper.ini file.

Note that locking your proxy to a specific IP address may leave it vulnerable to keyserver failures or network connectivity problems that prevent you from reaching that specific IP address. Additionally, be aware that occasionally distributed.net needs to change the addresses of keyservers. Normally, distributed.net actively maintains the DNS entries in the rotating round-robin records (*.v27.distributed.net) so that only reachable, active servers are listed.

Another work around is to specify an arbitrary name for the keyserver address in your proxyper.ini and then modify your Operating System's "hosts" file so that it internally resolves that pseudo-name as randomly one of multiple addresses that you specify. On UNIX systems, this is the file located in /etc/hosts; on Windows 95/98 it is C:\WINDOWS\HOSTS; and on Windows NT it is C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\HOSTS.

For example, if you included the following lines in your "hosts" file, then your machine will bypass trying to resolve "us.v27.distributed.net" via a DNS server and randomly pick one of the fake IP addresses listed (you should replace the IP addresses with real ones of current distributed.net keyservers): us.v27.distributed.net us.v27.distributed.net us.v27.distributed.net us.v27.distributed.net

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