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The timestampflags option was introduced in build 313 and allows you to customize the format in which the date and times are displayed within the on-screen console log, the on-disk console log, and in keyblock log files (simultaneously, not individually). The following text is what the proxyper readme lists for the definition of the values for this parameter.

The format mode values available are:

old-styleMM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS1
new-styleYYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS2
client-styleMmm DD HH:MM:SS3

And the multiple flags that you can choose are:

show timezone name64
timestamps should be in UTC128

Note that the "show timezone name (64)" only has an effect if timestamps are being "displayed in UTC format (128)". When that is the case, the letters "UTC" will be appended to all timestamps that are displayed on-screen (not in console log files, or keyblock files).

The default format is 193, and will provide output that is identical to that used by personal proxies before build 313.

Please note that that the timestampflags parameter is the combination of two flags (64 or 128) plus one of the exclusive mode options (1 or 2 or 3). The modes are not bitmasks, and as such only one may be picked at any time. That is why "3" is listed as a distinct option, and does not represent the combination of "1" with "2". As such, the following list is the actual enumeration of all valid combinations.

1 1Local time, 2 digit year
2 2Local time, 4 digit year
3 3Local time, no year
1+128 129UTC time, 2 digit year
2+128 130UTC time, 4 digit year
3+128 131UTC time, no year
1+64+128 193UTC time, with label, 2 digit year (old style mode)
2+64+128 194UTC time, with label, 4 digit year
3+64+128 195UTC time, with label, no year

It is highly recommended that all future log parsing utilities written by 3rd party developers be capable of parsing any of the timestamp formats. Note however, that the "64" flag does not affect log files, only screen display. Additionally, typically it will not be necessary to take timezone into account (just treat all parsed timestamps as being within the localtime zone and then do not display timezone/UTC labels in your output). As such, only 3 different date formats really need to be parsed (2 digit, 4 digit, and no year). Alternatively, if it is the intention that a 3rd party log parser specifically not support the alternate log formats, then the author of the tool should be sure to clearly indicate what timestamp format is recommended for proper use of his parser tool.

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