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The proxy itself does not support any mechanisms to define what allowable time windows it can create upstream server connections. There are no plans to add such a feature due to the foreseeability of everyone wanting slighly varied flexibility in specifying time windows, or other arbitrary criteria.

Instead, the recommended method of handling with such situations is to configure the proxy to run in "offline" mode and use the scheduling functionality of your Operating System to script events that will trigger the proxy to explicitly flush. On UNIX, you can force a flush (even in offline mode) by sending an "ALRM" signal to the proxy's process. There is currently no method of sending a similar event to Win32 proxies though this feature is planned for an upcoming version.

Alternatively, you may also consider scripting an event that will modify your proxy's ini file and change the connectivity mode from "online" to "offline" (or vice versa) at the appropriate times. You can then signal the proxy to reload its INI file on UNIX by sending it a "HUP" signal. When running as a Windows NT Service, you can restart the service with the "net stop" and "net start" commands.

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