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The client attempts to automatically select a core based on the CPUID. This may become inaccurate as new processors and cores are released. If an unknown CPU is found the client performs a "microbench" to estimate the fastest core on your processor. This benchmark is an imprecise quick test of each core currently available in the client on a small number of keys. Core selections done by microbenching are inherently very volatile to other system activity and can fluxuate between different runs. There is no code bug here other than timing differences occurring on your machine.
You may find it preferable to go into the client's performance configuration screen and manually specify the core number that should be used, instead of relying on the automatic selection.
Be forewarned that if you configure the client to use a specific core number, then it will continue to use that same core number until you reconfigure it to do otherwise--even if you upgrade to the next client version that has different cores (and the core numbers get reordered), or if the relative performance of some cores change (and the old core you picked is no longer the best one).
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