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Prior to staring RC5-72, all of our clients connected to DNS server addresses in the form of *.v27.distributed.net, such as us.v27.distributed.net or jp80.v27.distributed.net. Network traffic for our clients to the general DNS round-robins utilized TCP port 2064 (the specialized round-robins, such as jp80.v27.distributed.net, or euro23.v27.distributed.net utilized ports 80 and 23, respectively).

Beginning with the new version 2.9 clients, the DNS server addresses *.v29.distributed.net will be used for all resolved connections. This configuration allows us to gracefully upgrade our servers and also deprecate communications with most older clients by eventually deleting name resolution of the older round-robin (but that is not expected to occur without several months notice).

Although the port number 2064 was originally selected by distributed.net at the start of RC5-64 (port 2056 was used for RC5-56), it was decided that a new network port number should not be selected for the new project. Because we have carefully enhanced our network protocol in a backwards-compatible way, it is not necessary to utilize a new port number to allow the newer clients to be supported simultaneously. Additionally it was felt that continuing to utilize the same port number would reduce the number of firewall configuration changes that network administrators would have to endure when upgrading their machines.

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