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This category contains information related to explaining the basics of how users contribute to the distributed.net projects.

Answers in this category:
(Answer) What are you asking me to do?
(Answer) What do I need to participate?
(Answer) What shouldn't I use to participate?
(Answer) Where can I get the client software?
(Answer) Does my machine need to be connected to the net all the time?
(Answer) Is my modem OK, or do I need to have a faster connection?
(Answer) Will my old, slow computer really help?
(Answer) Won't I get in trouble for trying to crack encryption?
(Answer) Where can I get help installing the client?
(Answer) Where can I get more information on distributed computing?
(Answer) Who else is involved?
(Answer) Should I leave my computer running all the time if I am running the client?
(Answer) Isn't it bad to leave your computer running all the time?
(Answer) Doesn't running the client waste a lot of electricity?

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