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Our first victory was announced at 13:25 UTC on October 19, 1997, indicating that we had found the correct solution for RSA Labs' RC5-32/12/7 56-bit secret-key challenge. Confirmed by RSA Labs, the key 0x532B744CC20999 presented us with the plaintext message for which we had been searching for 250 days.

Our second victory was announced on February 24, 1998, confirming that we had found the correct solution for the RSA Labs' DES-II-1 56-bit secret-key challenge. The solution key was 76 9E 8C D9 F2 2F 5D EA and was found after 40 days of work.

Our third victory was on January 19, 1999 at 07:15 PST, when we found the correct key to the RSA Labs DES-III contest, with the help of the Electronic Frontier Foundation's "Deep Crack" customized DES cracker. The correct key was 92 2C 68 C4 7A EA DF F2, and it revealed the following message:

The unknown message is: See you in Rome (second AES conference, March 22-23, 1999)

Our fourth victory was on 16 January 2000 when, shortly before 0630 GMT, we received the winning key (00438EF36FE3FC21 for you tech junkies) for the CSC contest from a Sparc in the United States after searching for 62 days. The secret message was:

CS-Cipher a ete presente en mars 97 a 'Fast Software Encryption' (PARIS). Congratulations to the winner!

The Winner is Paul Ilardi, Grad student University of Rochester. Congratulations to Paul.

Our fifth victory was on July 14, 2002 when we completed the RC5-64 project, after 1,757 days of working. The key 0x63DE7DC154F4D039 produces the plaintext output:

The unknown message is: some things are better left unread
Our sixth victory was completing the search for OGR-24 on 1-Nov-2004, and determining that the best previously known OGR-24 was in fact the optimal 24 mark Golomb ruler.
Our seventh victory happened on October 28, 2008 when OGR-25 phase 2 was completed bringing to an end the OGR-25 project.
Our eighth victory, on 2009-Feb-24 the last OGR-26 stub was received, thus marking the conclusion of OGR-26.
Our ninth victory, on February 25, 2014 distributed.net was proud to announce the completion of OGR-27. We have proven conclusively by the exhaustive search of all possible rulers that the previously predicted 27-mark ruler is indeed the most optimal one.

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