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Most clients should use the default keyserver us.v29.distributed.net. This is a round-robin DNS which will grab a proxy address at random. If DNS is a problem, it is possible to point your client at a specific keyserver. The available keyservers can be found on the Proxy Network Status page.

Note that there are special round-robin proxy keyservers set up for our participants operating in Japan, Europe, Asia and Australia. They are located at:

  • Japan -- jp.v29.distributed.net
  • Europe -- euro.v29.distributed.net
  • Asia -- asia.v29.distributed.net
  • Australia -- aussie.v29.distributed.net
You should use these if you live in the appropriate region and are having problems contacting the North American servers.
There are additional DNS entries available for people who need to establish connections only on specific ports. Variants of all of the above entries exist for ports 21 (ftp), 23 (telnet), 25 (smtp), 80 (http), 110 (pop3).

For example: us80.v29.distributed.net, or aussie23.v29.distributed.net

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