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The main website, this FAQ and blogs/plans distributed.net are served by Dreamhost.

Previously served by nodeone:

  • Dual Opteron, 4GB RAM
  • 1U rack mount
  • Supermicro H8DAR-T motherboard
  • 4x250GB RAID10 on 3Ware 9500S Controller
  • Operating System is FreeBSD 8.0
  • Purchased 2007, Put into full service during summer 2010, still in service.
Prior to that, it was served by nodezero (newnodezero):
  • Pentium III-450, PS2-LS Motherboard
  • 768MB RAM, two 9GB SCSI drives
  • 4U rack mount
  • Operating system was FreeBSD 4.10
  • Purchased 1999-10, Put into full service 2001-05, Major services migrated off during summer 2010, Still in service, Scheduled to be taken offline 2010-11? (In service for 9.5 years)
Prior to that, there was another machine also called nodezero (oldnodezero):
  • AMD K6 300Mhz
  • 196 MB RAM, 8GB IDE
  • AT mini tower case
  • Operating system was FreeBSD 2.2.8
  • Put into service 1998-09, Taken out of primary service and made secondary mirror 2001-05, offline due to hardware failure in 2005-09. (In service for 7 years)
Prior to that, the website was served by watcher, duncan's personal machine.
  • Taken out of service 1998-09

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