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The RC5-64 Project is an collaborative effort by distributed.net to tackle the 64-bit RSA Data Security Secret Key Challenge. The Secret-Key Challenge actually consists of thirteen separate but similar contests. Having successfully completed the RC5-32/12/7 contest (RC5-56) in October of 1997, distributed.net is now concentrating its resources on tackling the RC5-32/12/8 contest (RC5-64). The task involves testing (at most) 2^64 (18,446,744,073,709,551,616) keys to find the one that properly decrypts the contest message. This is a monumental undertaking that will require an enormous amount of computing power to succeed. Participants from all over the internet provide that power in the form of spare CPU cycles on their own personal computers. Together they have helped to make the Bovine Project the largest and most powerful distributed computer on Earth!
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