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The DES algorithm is available in many places on the web. Not least because it is an ANSI standard: ANSI X9.52

This collection includes pointers to the algorithms used by the d.net client (BrydDES and Kwan). One bitslicer not included in that list is from Andrew Meggs - the source to that in the d.net client source ( http://www.distributed.net/source/)

DES implementations are also often available in the many operating systems that come in source. For example OpenBSD http://www.openbsd.org/ and FreeBSD http://www.freebsd.org/.

A bibliography on DES (and other block-cypher related) material is at http://www.ii.uib.no/~larsr/bc.html

For a general overview on crypto, I suggest you try and get the book "Applied Cryptography" by Bruce Schneier.

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